You can make a difference. 

Every day, decisions are made on Capitol Hill about laws that support funding for scientific and medical research, health care policy, jobs and education. With your voice, those decisions can go your way.

So take a stand for science.

Start right here with the American Psychological Association (APA) Science Directorate. On these pages, find simple, effective tools that explain the hot issues. The how-to’s of talking to your representatives, visiting them in your district and, if necessary, on Capitol Hill. What’s been done before. What you can do as soon as today. And how we will help, every step.

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Our Mission

APA Advocacy is guided by the philosophy that public policy should be based on available scientific knowledge, and that psychological research can contribute to the formulation of sound public policy to address social problems and improve human welfare.

The APA Science Government Relations Office is a major component of this program. We work to:

  • Inform Congress about psychology and its relevance to federal policy.

  • Advocate for increased support of federally-funded psychological research and behavioral and mental health services.

  • Advance opportunities for the education and training of psychologists.

  • Combine the expertise of psychologists to address the many challenges facing our world.