APA rolls out state fact sheets on NIH and NSF funding

Show members of Congress how much research money comes to their states. 

In its continuing effort to provide resources for psychologists to use to make the case for increased federal research funding, the American Psychological Association’s Science Government Relations Office has posted State Fact Sheets on its Advocacy Toolkit website. These sheets contain funding information for both the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Showing a member of Congress how much NIH and NSF funding comes to their state is often more impactful than showing the overall budget of those agencies. Now psychologists can have accurate and relevant numbers to bring to their meetings. The state fact sheets illustrate funding by institution, and give examples of NSF grants in the behavioral and social sciences in each state. 

Keep an eye out for more resources over the next few months. If there are advocacy resources you would like to see or that would be of interest please let us know!

See the state fact sheets here.

For more information please contact Will Starck